Your Purpose Is Calling

Annagail Lynes, Life Coach

You Aren’t Acting Correctly

Recently I attended a dinner at my cousin’s church.

While at it, a woman who looked like she might be strung out on drugs, came to eat.  She had attended the event before and most of the people knew her.

After awhile, she became incoherent.  When the paramedics arrived, she told them that she didn’t want to go to the Hospital.

One of the paramedics said, “Lady, you aren’t acting correctly.”

How many times have you been told this in the church?  How many times have you been told that you aren’t acting as a Christian should?

Maybe because you are a bit emotional.  Perhaps because you work on Sundays.  Maybe because you smoke.

The truth is that God doesn’t judge us for those things.  Jesus took the full punishment and wrath for our sins at the Cross.  God is no longer judging or condemning us.

It is when we believe the Truth, when it seeps down into our hearts, that we begin to be transformed.  The Truth will transform our lives when we believe right.

As I always say, when we believe right, we will find ourselves doing what is right.

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