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Annagail Lynes, Life Coach

Do You Declare Protection?

You have granted me life and favour, and Your care has preserved my spirit. – Job 10:12

God has granted us life and favor.  He is the One who preserves us.

We can eat right, avoid tobacco and heavily drinking alcohol, exercise and try to do the right thing, and still if we don’t have God’s protection on our lives, we could be in a car crash, a plane crash or an earthquake that takes us out.

We have to remember that it is God’s will to protect us, but we have to declare that protection over our lives every day.

I heard about soldiers in the Middle East in the first Gulf War.  They prayed the 91st Psalm over themselves every day.  Amazingly, not one of them died or suffered any injuries.

A pastor encouraged his congregation to pray the 91st Psalm over themselves, their families and countries.  During the Tsunami of 2004, it didn’t touch any of them or their properties.

A man car-jacked a woman, who had been studying the 91st Psalm at church.  She couldn’t remember the entire Psalm.  She said all she could remember.  She screamed, “Feathers!  Feathers!”  The car-jacker thought she was crazy and left her and the car.

A  person knocked on the door of another woman at an odd hour, and instead of being afraid, she quoted Psalm 91:1–our spiritual 9-1-1–“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty.”  When she opened the door, she found a police officer who had the wrong address.

Now these are just a few accounts of what happened when people quoted the 91st Psalm and believed it.

Imagine what would happen if we used the Bible in every situation we faced.

Declare the 91st Psalm over your life every day.

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