Your Purpose Is Calling

Annagail Lynes, Life Coach

Do You Doubt God?

And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. – Matthew 3:17

John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  And just so there would be no doubt that Jesus wasn’t being baptized because He had sinned, a voice came from Heaven, saying, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

How could anyone who heard God speak that day doubt who Jesus was?

Yet, John the Baptist later on did.  John sent a message to Jesus asking Jesus if Jesus was the One the Jews had been waiting for.

John the Baptist, at this point, was in prison.  And when you have been in a prison, physical or circumstances that feel like a prison, too long, you start to doubt what you once believed.

You doubt God loves you, that He cares and you doubt His Word will work for you.

But God is faithful, even you  aren’t.  The Israelites in the wilderness are a testament that God still provides, regardless of your behavior.

All you have to do is choose to believe God loves you, and allow Him to pour out His love on you.   When you do, you will see what has been a prison to you, melt away.

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