Your Purpose Is Calling

Annagail Lynes, Life Coach

What Is Your Belief?

Are you really believing the Word?  Do you believe what the Word, the inspired Word of God, says?  Or do you only believe it when things are good?

My life has been turned upside down over the past two months, and after a weekend in the hospital back in early July, I have been very concerned about symptoms in my body.

I have had trouble sleeping because I would listen to the voice of the devil that I wouldn’t get better, only worse, but I finally asked myself: do you believe the Word or not?

The problem for most of us is that we know people or have heard stories of people who did not obtain the promises of God, did not see them come to pass in their lives.  We base our belief in the Word on other people’s experiences.

We don’t know what was going on with them–if they really believed God, if they believed wrong teaching, etc.

We must based on belief in the Bible on Jesus and what He did on the Cross.

If we are going to believe the Word, we have to believe that if we believe, all the promises are ours.

We must only believe.

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