Your Purpose Is Calling

Annagail Lynes, Life Coach

Can You Picture It?

Note: This was originally posted in 2007.

Do you remember Sophia on the Golden Girls? When she wanted to tell a story, she would say “Picture it…”

Picture it. Imagine Jesus nailed to the cross. He has been beaten to the point where his skin hung on the whip. His hands and feet were nailed with big stake nails. A crown of thorns dug into His head.

Now imagine Him with the weight of all our sins on Him. Not just yours and mine, but those of every person in history, in the past and yet to be born.

In addition to that, He had shingles, migraines, cancer, chicken pox, stretch marks, hives. Every sickness and disease that could every come upon you.

He also had bi-polar and mental illness on Him as He hung there.

Imagine all that Jesus went through on that cross for you. All He went through to save you, heal you and delivered you.

And yet Jesus, while under all that distress, said, “It is finished.”

It is finished. Everything that we require in this live has been provided for you when Jesus died for you. He even overcame death for you by raising from the dead.

Now, imagine how many days you go without remembering what Jesus did for you? I challenge you to take the time to thank Jesus every day for what He did for you. 🙂

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